Our mission is to raise awareness on the topic of representation in media to young creative minds who want to care for greater diversity in art, movies, television, etc. We strive to build a laid-back community where like-minded individuals can share art and common interests surrounding media.

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Coming soon we will be creating and collaborating with others to make our very own zine centered around representation!

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We now have a blog talking about representaion and the fight for more diverse media!

About Us

Co-Founder: Rachel Moran


Rachel is a 16 year-old in high school hoping for a career in art. Her creativity is made obvious through her fun, out of this world creatures. Her other hobbies include playing with her dog, watching cartoons, or shopping for comfy overalls.

Co-Founder: Angie Plumb


Angie is a 16 year-old junior in high school. She loves TV shows that make her cry which created her interest in writing and film. When not on Netflix, she enjoys baking, playing the ukulele, and obsessing over fictional characters.

Together, we made Never Alien Illustrated for our IB Creativity, Activity, and Service project in December 2020. As two creative individuals who are passionate about better representation, we wanted to base our project on creating more diverse content for those who never see themselves in mainstream media. Find more on our solutions for this issue here

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